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Founded by Nick and Carrie Vickers, UrbanHouse is a boutique hair salon with two locations in New Jersey, Mullica Hill and Haddonfield. The salons were inspired by their time living and working in New York City for almost a decade. "We wanted to create a space where hair artistry, approachability and customer service weren't mutually exclusive. So we created UrbanHouse to be a place where clients could come and get not only great hair but do so in a hip, 

comfortable space where the focus was totally on them"

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Originally from South Jersey and Co-Founder of UrbanHouse, 

Nick, always had an appreciation for good food, family and summers at the Jersey Shore. But, he couldn't help feel the constant draw to the pace, style, and aesthetic of New York City. So after marrying his soon to be business partner, he moved to the Big Apple. There, Nick immersed himself into the vibrant world of the NYC hair industry becoming an in demand stylist for many high profile clients at one of New York's top salons.

A classically trained stylist, Nick enjoys implementing his skills in any arena. And, while he has enjoyed being part of magazine shoots and NY Fashion Week, his primary passion is being behind the chair interacting with clients, helping them push boundaries with their personal style and creativity. 

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The face and creative force behind UrbanHouse, Carrie originally established herself as Director of Sales for a luxury fashion house in New York City after studying fashion and marketing. An entrepreneurial spirit, Carrie always had visions of creating a brand of her own. So, in collaboration with her husband, UrbanHouse was born.  

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